Always challenging the boundaries to make the credit industry a safer space to navigate.

We've made it our mission to be the most recognised and informed association within the credit industry

To realise this vision The Creditors' Protection Association knows that it must serve in its members' best interests. This means we will always share information about the credit (FMCG / Pharmaceutical / Plastics) industry with our members, and we will stand by them when support is needed. Take a look at some of the ways we achieve this whilst keeping within the scope of the relevant statutory acts.

TCPA holds regular board meetings.

Regular Board Meetings

The members meet monthly to address pertinent issues, such as submission and discussion of delinquent debtors, new accounts, handed-over accounts, unpaid cheques and liquidations.

TCPA holds professional talks for members.

Professional Speakers

TCPA arranges monthly and quarterly professional talks to keep members updated on new developments, and to address specific aspects of the credit industry such as the Companies Act and National Credit Act.

TCPA assists members.

Strong Member Focus

TCPA will always support its members, especially concerning business rescue and assistance with this. We also ensure our members have all information necessary to make sound management decisions.

TCPA has a rich history spanning more than 50 years - just one more reason why we pride ourselves on being extremely successful in this field

The Creditors' Protection Association has the benefit of being formed from the merging of two independent bodies. Having similar visions and members, their combined expertise has resulted in a formidable Association with strong membership.

Follow our timeline to learn more.


TCPA started in 1960 in the FMCG market.During 1960 the TCPA - then known as The Transvaal Creditors’ Protection Association - operated independently servicing only the FMCG (Fast-moving Consumer Goods) market.


PCMA was formed in 1985.The PCMA (Pharmaceutical Credit Management Association) was formed to fill the gap in the pharmaceutical credit environment. The two had a similar vision and serviced the same members just in different markets.


TCPA and PCMA merged in 1990.The Directors decided that the two associations should merge. The change benefited the members especially with respect to costs. In addition it lead to the introduction of the CREDCON conferences, an annual event where credit managers from different industries can meet and interact with one another.


TCPA renamed in 1999.The Board of Directors, with the consent of its members, changed the legal entity name to: The Creditors’ Protection Association


TCPA strives today for an even bigger membership base.The TCPA Board of Directors strives to build an even stronger membership base, be innovative, energetic and, most importantly, provide continuous support to its members. Today, our main aim is to expand into other business market sectors.

It's official!  TCPA is a body that represents the interest of reputable creditors

TCPA opposes fraudulent or unbusinesslike companies.

TCPA plays a supportive role in legal matters.

TCPA supports business rescue.

TCPA directs the appointment of acceptable trustees.


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