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TCPA is a recognised association within the credit industry where information is shared within the ambit of the relevant statutory acts

Since its inception in 1960, The Creditors' Protection Association (TCPA) has continuously strived to be the most informed and recognised association in the credit (FMCG / Pharmaceutical / Plastics) industry. We make it our business to keep abreast with developments in the industry to ensure that our members receive the high standards, respect and dignity they deserve. The Association places great emphasis on networking and sharing information through various mechanisms:

Monthly & Quarterly Meetings

TCPA holds monthly and quarterly meetings where professional speakers address members on important issues, and share information on new developments.

Member Support & Assistance

TCPA understands that its members value their customers highly, so we ensure our processes are always transparent and our members have access to information, support and assistance where necessary.


The annual CREDCON conference is the ideal platform for members from different industries to meet and interact. TCPA also provides additional expert talks at CREDCON.

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TCPA membership gives your business access to essential guidance on general trade, retail trade and legislative innovations

By becoming a member of the TCPA you are allowing your business to be part of an energetic family that is commited to providing strong support for its members. The benefits are many and include regular board meetings, informal discussions with other credit managers, professional updates on the Companies Act, National Credit Act and Business Rescue, support in legal matters, and networking opportunities at CREDCON.


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our achievements speak for themselves

You can be confident your business is in good hands with TCPA's high success record of assisting members through turbulent times.

Dispute Resolution

TCPA has been very successful in settling disputes for members, in particular financial collapses of retailers. Very favourable terms have been negotiated which, without TCPA intervention, would have been unattainable.

Court Recognition

TCPA has achieved unofficial and, in one reported instance, official recognition by the courts as a body that represents the interest of reputable creditors. It has also been recognised by the Master of the Supreme Court, and has the capacity to liaise with that office when appropriate.

Trade Negotiation

Without reference to individual suppliers, TCPA has been able to make a unified approach to various groups of retailers to negotiate with them clarification of trading positions. This would not have been possible for individual suppliers without TCPA involvement.

Trustee Cooperation

TCPA has acquired trustee recognition and cooperation when it has intervened in a matter.

Influence on Legislation

TCPA has managed over the years to secure a status where it has been able to submit memoranda and evidence to authoritative bodies such as the Commission, which has resulted in the amendment of legislation e.g. the Insolvency Act.


TCPA is ready to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and discuss an effective solution for your needs.